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Can I a brunette wear a pink bikini?
I am trying to deside between a white and navy striped bandeau style bikini and a light pink (or yellow) bandeau bikini. I was wondering, because blondes look so good in pink if a brunette would look better in a pink, yellow, or white striped bikini? Also I am not tan at all so which color would make menlook more tan? Thanks;)
Us brunettes can look good in anything!!
If it's a light pink bathing suit, you need to not be so pale. if you understand what i am saying. light pinks would look better on a girl with some color, she doesn't NEED to be tan though! :P

Yellows would look good if the girl is not pale at all, like i said.

If you are pale like me, there are NO bathing suits that can MAKE you look darker lol sorry to say =/
You can always try white.
What color bikini would a brunette wear?
Please help! It's almost summer and I ain't got a bikini yet!!!
Orange baby blue or Pink
Who is the brunette that is wearing the turquoise bikini in one of facebook sex ad?
she is holding her giant boobs with a gorgeous smile. Does anyone know?
your sister dude.
i remember taking those pics
Short 5ft 3, Uk size 10, 34C brunette, blue eyes : looking for good beach style bikini and make up ideas...?
Short 5ft 3, Uk size 10, 34C brunette, blue eyes : looking for good beach style bikini and make up ideas...

Any suggestions?
Brands, bikini styles etc?…
What color bikini would look good on a dark haired brunette ?
Brown would look nice!
With maybe a red flower? Iunnoooo :p
Does Ashley Tisdale look more attractive as Brunette? photos of her in a bikini?… she is pretty hot
I like her better Blonde.
Club song with a brunette girl on a tropicla beach in a bikini?
There's a song that plays on Clubland TV all the time recently. Its a girl on a beach somewhere hot in a bikini. She's in a shower outside at one point and then with this guy (who doesn't sing). I swear the name or lyrics have something to do with 'perfect' or 'perfection'?

HELP! :)
It's called "A day on the beach"
What kind of bikini is the best to pose?
My name is Jamie. I'm an american girl who lives in Chile. I want to be a bikini model for this reason, I want to send some of my photos to different agencies.
I'm a caucasian brunette who is 5'7'' tall, 123 lb and natural big breasts. Do you think a G-string bikini will be better or perhaps a microbikini? What about a thong?
Thank you very much!!!
It depends on what target advertisers you're looking for. If you're into more risque modeling then g-strings and micro bikinis will be ideal. Also, in South America they emphasize the bum, so some agencies might prefer a photo of you from the back wearing as little as possible.

If you'd like to be a more mainstream model it might be better to wear something less revealing. After all, the majority of regular women hide more skin than they show off.

Perhaps as a compromise you could wear a g-string bikini with a sarong to cover up a little while still being sexy. A nice batik short sarong tied at the side of your waist could make you stand out from the crowd.

You can find these at

Try out the different combinations in front of friends and family. They'll be able to give you an honest and truthful answer. Good luck with your career!
The classic blonde vs brunette question: who is hotter to you? (bikini pics below)?
I expect men and women to answer very differently

Jana Cova…

Sofia Vergara…
Blondes give off that hot look but ultimately going brunette gives off the most sex appeal hands down.

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