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My moms husband drinks a lot and gets drunk on are porch and acts crazy and fights with my mom and smoke when?
when drunk and i told my mom when i have baby i dont want my guys to be around this and I want to move she got angry and said go ahead am I doing wrong ps I been through the same thing I dont want my guys to go through the same thing.
No you are right, who would want their guyren to be around someone that is broken like your moms husband? My mom was never and alcoholic until she met her husband so many years ago, he was one and then she followed along. I don't let my daughter stay there, and if I do, it is with the understanding that if anyone is drinking around her and I find out, they will not have her again. My mom has followed my rules because she knows how serious I am, my daughter doesn't deserve the confunsion and fear that comes with alchol and chaos. It is your job to protect your guyren from as much as you can, so protecting them from your parents craziness is your job. Your mom just doens't want to admit there is a problem with her husband, because she feels like that is admitting her failures as a mother to you to protect you, and her failure at chosing a good husband. All of the crap from her is a reflection of her anger at herself for dealing with it, not a reflection on you , and you wanting a better life for your guyren.
What do you do when your moms drunk?
My mom is drunk right now, it's pretty funny
It annoys me. I'm glad she stopped drinking as much because I don't like to see her drunk; alcoholism runs in our family. She also used to fall a lot, and actually last time she was really drunk was at our family reunion and she broke her foot really severely and it didn't heal for more than a month; that happened last summer and I think it just recently became normal again.
My dads a drunk my moms a cripple?
my dad is a drunk used to be aboused as a guy brutle stories but its not my problem, mom, anerxic as a guy and 3 yrs ago car accident. suffering in brutle pain for rest of her life and she takes her medicne but forgets alot now and dad calls her a pill head and crap like that. Icant take it anymore just want to leave and hes always yelling at me!!!!!?!?! Help please!!!! I DONT HAVE THE CHILDHOOD I WANT!
What most people don't know, is that nearly everyone or a large percentage of people come from families with problems. You're not alone at all. There is no such thing as a perfect guyhood. Kids who never have to overcome problems and have everything handed to them become useless, spoiled adults.

The best thing that you can do is try to overcome these family issues and succeed in spite of your parents' problems. It will help you mature and become a stronger person in the process.
Moms drunk- help!!!never seen her like this?
my moms drunk alright? What should i do to help her. My dads driving, hes fine but my moms just in the passanger seat. What shoud i do to help her!! is there a cure?!? Helpp!!! i never ever, seen my mom like this
Your mum has probably been drunk many times before, you just haven't been around to see it.

There is no cure for drunkeness except time to sober up and a good nights sleep. Have her drink some water so that she won't be dehydrated in the morning and leave her be. She'll be fine.
My moms drunk! help!!?
im only 13 and my mom drinks like 2 glasses of wine every nite.. im sick of it! just a second ago she was sleeping while sitting with a cegar in her hand and a cup of wine.. and now she fell!! im hate seeing her drunk it makes me feel like im alone and i have noone.. so please help
2 glasses a night shouldn't get anyone drunk, it's not much over the recommended daily UK intake.

If she is getting drunk then I would suggest you are not seeing all that she is drinking, and there's nothing you can do about that.
Is Moms Against Drunk Driving evil?
Give your reasons why or why not.
I believe it was a nice organization until they stopped just wanting to educate people and started to want to make laws, influence law makers, and censor people.
yeah. they're not about drunk driving in the slightest anymore. They're just plain against drinking.
My kitten is 8 weeks old and is still drinking her moms milk please help?
My friend raised my cat and her kittens and they are 8 weeks old and when i took one of the kittens home and the mom i saw the kitten barely eat the wet food only the gravy in it and she drinks her moms milk. What should i do?

Does KMR kitten forumla help wean a kitten?
Don't do anything. It's natural for the kittens to continue nursing as different cats ween their young at different times. Besides, the mother's milk is some of the most nutritious food the kittens can get.
When does a baby gerbil stop drinking from moms milk?
When does a baby gerbil stop drinking from moms milk?
Around 3 weeks they don't really need to nurse anymore but most will nurse as long as mom puts up with it. Which is usually until the next litter arrives. I usually pull the pups out at 4-5 weeks depending on how pregnant the mom looks. I keep them together until 6 weeks then separate boys and girls.
My moms a drunk and i think she has cancer :(?
Ok so my mom gets drunk like 4 times a week and she smokes all the time and now she has this spot on her neck(and shes getting a second opinion from another doctor) but someone she knows had a spot and their doctor said it was nothing and now that lady has stage 4 limphoma :( i keep telling my mom to take care of herself but she DOESNT ******* LISTEN! she also had stage 0 breast cancer once that she got removed and was fine.
Im sorry your mum is drunk this must be hard for you. Ask your mum to do this for you because you love and care for her. learn from your mum mistakes do not be like her
My moms a drunk and need help?
ok so my moms a drunk and i have talk 2 her bout it and she said she wood stop but she didnt and if she drinks a lot she gets mad and hits me but has only hit me 2 times and also she has these weird panic atact (spelled wrong) and i have 2 say up every night 2 see if she is ok and i am the mom in the house i shouldn't b the mom i should b the guy if any one can give me advice on how 2 help my mom or so websites that can help me
this is a toughy... u need to talk to ur mom... really talk to her and let her know how she is hurting you... let her know exactly how u feel.If that does not work then u should go to the next closest family member... like ur dad, grandma, uncle, aunt..... let them know what is going on and exactly how u feel. U might have to go and stay with someone else for awhile.... Ur mom needs help... being an alcoholic is serious! whomever u tell needs to find a way to get your mom help! If there is no relative or close friend to help u then u need to let a teacher or guidance counselor know the situation. Maybe this is the reality check that ur mom needs... you dont deserve to be in a household like that! Not at all... Its not an easy thing to do..but u have to do it for ur mom and yourself

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