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Can you name any gorgeous famous hunks that are short ?
Ryan Molloy - Jersey Boys
Mark Owen - Take That
Tom Cruise is short and good looking
Why are polygamist cults always 1 man married to 25 women? Why not 1 woman married to 25 hot gorgeous hunks?
I'm just curious... I don't endorse the cultic practice. I just think it's odd that the men get their way and the women don't... it's very sexist.
Can you imagine even two men sharing the same woman? They don't even like to share the remote!
Why are there no gorgeous hunks on any of the soaps?
Honestly, I can't think of one.
I agree, I can't think of one either. Maybe the gorgeous hunks think that by appearing in soaps it would seriously affect their "street cred". LOL.
Who is the gorgeous hunk with long blonde hair on tmz?
Ok, gorgeous hunk may be an oxymoron albeit hunk usually refers to a male ;) Does anyone know his name? Thanks!
max murphy
There's a gorgeous Latin hunk right across from me?
I wonder if he knows i'm undressing & touching him with my eyes.

LOL have you ever just coyly stared at someone so sexy every chance you get without letting them know how you're actually slobering over them
why dont you go ask him if u can gag on penis lol
Ladies, if you were raped by a gorgeous hunk of a guy?
And got pregnant, would you keep his baby?
Oooh , ur name and ur question sooo compliements each other, if he was a hunk, how is it a rape, and if its a rape, how cud u keep his seed? lolz, ur funny.....and confused.
POLL: How would you RATE this GORGEOUS hunk of MAN-MEAT on a scale of 1-10 :D?
Isn;t he just a dish? :D~~~

O man, i think i almost went gay when i saw that sexy beast.
Do you want that gorgeous hunk as a boy friend?
The girl goes to a marriage consultant.
She says 'I would like to marry a guy who is as intelligent as Eistein, as rich as Bill Gates, as gorgeous as Brad Pitt, should help at house work, be romantic and God fearing".
The consultant considers the girl and asks "finding that sort of a man may be possible, but what have you got offer to that man?"

Girls... be realistic!


These men have jobs, love the Lord, love guys, are drop- dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.
Hahahaha you be realistic ! that man does not exsist and if he did he would still most likely scratch his crotch in public or toss his dirty socks all over the house lol

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