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I want to find someone to spank my bottom where should I go ?
I want to find someone to spank my bottom - I cannot afford to pay a professional to do it but really need the discipline and feel of a good spanking. How can I find someone who would do this for me?
I thought that I had told you before that if you really want a spanking you should come over to my place and I will spank you. I will spank you good.
Do parents actually spank their guyren on their bare bottom?
I live in the UK, and I have never heard of it happening hear. I never got spanked at all- some of my friends got an occasional swat on the bum but nothing serious. Just from browsing Yahoo Answers I have seen that a small minority spank bare bottom! Does this ever happen in the UK? Does it happen ANYWHERE or is it just people trolling?
(I'm not saying I don't agree with it- if it works for parents, then it's fine.)
It does happen, my Mom got spanked as a guy a lot. Not on the bare bottom, but she got spanked, and hard ish. She never spanked me, though.

Personally, I think she should have. My best friend got spanked and he turned out way better than I am. And my mom turned out better than my Dad, who didnt get spanked.

So, I think it works.

But yeah, it does happen.
Why my father always spank my bottom?
after i've been spank by my father, i can't even bend down to defaecate.very painful.who can help me to reduce my pain.haha.
reducing your pain starts with respecting your father. Respect him for who he is and he'll also stop spanking you.
How old is to old to spank bare bottom?
my hudband still does this to our 12 and 14 year old daughters, even though i am AGAINST it.
IMO spankings are ALWAYS to be done on the bare bottom. And generally work best between ages 2-12. That meaning that by the time you get to 12, you would hope that spanking would not be needed. For our family a spanking is a "guy" punishment, if our older guyren act like guyren, pants come down, and they "get it". Sorry, in our family getting a spanking is really their choice (or I should say bad choice), not ours. Rules in my home are crystal clear, so I don't want to hear it, if they try and break them.

@ 12 I think it should be rare, but is OK.
@14 It's totally UNNECESSARY. Personally I was spanked until I reached 11, however my dad got one more time at 14 for sharing some choice words for my mother. I deserved it, but don't think I will do the same with mine. If this was the case with your 14 year old, I think it's fine. But spanking at that age shouldn't be the norm, personally I don't think it will do much good at 14, but to each their own.
Where would I meet people who would spank my bottom ?
I need to get my bottom spanked but am very poor. Do you have any idea where I might go in the UK to get my bottom spanked - hopefully for free ?
Is a bare bottom spanking a spanking out of love or anger?
What is your opinion?

I do spank but I do it because I love my son.
If your husband hit you for, say, talking to another man, and he explained later that he only did it because he loves you, would that make it okay?
How can I get my parents to spank me?
I want my bare bottom spanked very hard. Thing is my parents will think that I am sick if I just come out and ask them to. ( I am not sick at all I just like the feeling of being spanked ) They stoped spanking me when I was about 7 or 8. When I am bad they just yell at me or punnish me or ground me. What do I do? I really want to be spanked!! And I can't drive myself to a place where they spank you if you ask them.
Word of warning: there are quite a few people who just don't or won't get this.

The short answer to your question is- you probably shouldn't try to get your parents to spank you. Honestly, deliberate misbehavior is not a good answer to anything.

The long answer to your unusual desires is that you are a masochist. Now, people really don't understand this if they haven't experienced it, and many never will. Remember that this is your body, your nervous system that is giving you your cues, so you are the only one who gets to determine what is good and right for you. On the plus side, you also will find that you will have a broader pallate of sensations to actually enjoy as time goes on. The key is to find a good community that embraces good communication, healthy negotiations, and above all understanding the meaning of consent. I'm in the same boat as you, I know - I'm a masochist as well. The downside is that people will misunderstand, judge, and generally be annoying. Above all - be safe... and take your time. You will have a long time to figure out just what you want/need in your life, so there isn't a need to rush just yet.

Be well, and feel free to email me if you need more info.
Is it ok if my parents spank me bare bottom, with a hairbrush or wooden spoon?
My dad usually does it. Really hurts. Is this guy abuse. I mean, I don't hate him or anything but is it ok?
Yes it is ok, and no it is not abuse. Behave better and it won't happen as often.
Do you believe bare bottom spanking is more effective, no difference or totally inappropriate?
I saw another Mom had posted a similar question and it surprisingly did not get much response.I would have thought there would have been a lot since spanking itself is so controversial.

I am primarily interested in the thoughts of those parent who believe in spanking. But of course, anyone is free to speak up and they do.

At one time this was not that unusual of a way to spank at all. I think it is much less so now. I want to know whether you think it works better than an over clothing spanking, makes no difference, is safer, less safe, is too humiliating, is appropriate, totally inapproriate, totally disgusting--whatever.

I will give my thoughts later.
More Effective:

Growing up I got it both pants up, and down. For me naturally down was way more effective. The key for a old fashioned spanking to work is the spanker's stress level. My parents didn't just over react and spank the tar out of us, it was more "this is the punishment for doing ________" very clear cut. My parents (mainly my dad) always looked sad, and in no way mad when I was to get a spanking. I always knew, doing them was never easy for him either.

With our girls-
We do use other "new age" methods first, but when they break down, or if my girls break one of our "core rules" pants come down, they go over the lap for a good old fashioned spanking. It has worked for generations, why fix something that's not broke. Spankings in our home are very rare, I think in part because when we do them, it's on the bare bottom. I can deal with the criticism better then I could deal with rotten guyren.

My earlier question on this subject didn't get a lot of response because, when I posted it, for some reason it didn't show up until about 1 hour later (must have been some yahoo problem) then they placed it with the other questions that had already been posted for a hour. Questions seem to get most of their answers in the first hour or so. Needless to say, it was kind of pissing me off, but what can you do. Thank You for posting a similar question, at least this one got some responses. If I posted it again people would think I am some sort of weirdo, lol.

EDIT: Wow just read all the answers, I knew most people would disagree with my stance, but the following quote

"I question the integrity of anyone who feels empowered by the touch of their hand on the bare bottom of a guy"

lol, come on people, why do they always try and turn this into a sexual thing? Their your guyren for cryn out loud! you never gave your guyren a playful swat on the rear before? jeeeze. this is getting out of hand.

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