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Is it legal to look at pre teen models online?
I'm a teen female, and i want to be a model, i look online at pre teen females modeling in bikini's Is this legal? they're not nude so i wouldn't think it would matter, just checking?
There's nothing wrong with it as long as these models are clothed, i personally think its wrong that teens are a loud to model in bikini's. Are you really male like the other answers have said? that's not right
Is it a sin for Catholics to look at bikini models and instead of lust for them think "what beautiful creation?
? Please no mean answers I'm a teen and I'm just not sure if doing this is wrong and I want to be sure. So if I look at these pictures without "desiring" the women is t a sin???
The nuns taught us to keep our hands above our waists. Still works for me.
Is there any good teen modeling agencies in Florida?
I'm 14, tall and thin. I just want to do some simple modeling for some extra money. Like pose for those photos that you see on all the store websites.Or some cat walk thing. I don't however want to do any bikini or beach stuff. Thanks. d( ^- ^)
heres some sites
What do you need to have in order to be a teen model?
Not like wear a bikini but just model for clothing advertisements *I'm a girl but I am not willing to try it* I'm just asking because I have a "hot" body that teens my age don't have yet. Would that be a good advantage? *I put emphasis on the "hot" because I'm not 18 xD or an adult. Just a teen. Okay an attractive body that sounds better*
you have to be good at portraying different emotions. The camera has to like your face, some people are pretty but appear worse in photographs. Being pretty won't get you that far in the modeling industry. You have to be interesting and stand out from others.

Wait until your 18 then you could to swimshoot covers, I guess. Try out for top model ?
Why do people have such a beef with teen modelling?
When its everywhere. You never hear people complaining about Grattan or Littlewoods or any other catalogs showing teen girls and guyren in bikinis in fact the usual response is thats a nice bikini, simsuit, dress or whatever.

But when a guy wants to become a model, its like shock horror what must the parents be like for allowing this. What I mean is why do people always relate modelling to sexual flaunting when it covers it much broader range?
modelling is now stereotypically linked to bad behaviour, drugs, late night parties & eating disorders...
so when teenagers model, the mass believes that they are put into all the above problems.
What kind of model do I sound good for?
I'm 14, 5 ft 4.5 inches, and weigh 115 pounds. I have light brown eyes, dark brown hair below my shoulders, and my breast size is a 34-C. I am a bit curvaceous. As young as I am, I do workout on the treadmill or the elliptical 2 times a week. I am very photogenic. Friends, family, and even teachers (oddly enough), comment on how "gorgeous" my hair is. Or how "Pretty I am". I've always loved to watch and look at magazines that had to do with modeling. I have always wanted to model since I was a little guy. But anyways, what type of model do you think I sound good for?
Here are a few I had in mind..

Commercial print model
Glamour model
Bikini model
Catalogue model
Teen model
Convention model
Plus model
I think you could either be one (or more) of these three types of models: Commercial Print, Catalogue, or bikini. I say this because from the way you described youself you seem to have the right type of look for that sort of thing. I.E beautiful hair, curves, a fit body (I'm not A perv!), and you photograph well. Glamour models are usually nude (at least the ones I've seen/heard of) and since your only 14 im pretty sure that's like guy pornography. You don't sound large enough to be a plus size model so I don't think you'd fit there either. Teen vogue models are usually very tall (you're height would have you be considered petite) and don't usually have large breasts as you've said you do. Finally, I apologize because I'm not quite sure what a convention model is. Good luck with whatever/whichever you choose.
I am a teen model, and I need to lose weight.....?
I am 5"5, 100 pounds, and 15 years old, I need to lose at least 10-15 pounds.
Also how do I get this belly flat?:
(I am the one in the white bikini).
Exercises like stomach cruches help a little to tighten up your belly, but if you you do too many you'll start to build more muscle and therefore end up with a bigger waist.

I don't need think you need to 10 pounds - I don't think you realize how much that is. I doubt you even have 10 punds of fat on you!

But if you want to lose a few, do more cardio and eat eat less fatty foods. But be aware: the body needs SOME fat in order to fuction properly. Be prepared to stop getting your period, have feelings of light headedness, more crankiness and an accelerated heart rate.
What is your opinion on teenage modelling?
I am just curious as to peoples opinions on the amount of teenagers wanting to become models. I was recently looking at a beauty pageant for 16-19 year olds that has a bikini round (miss teen queen uk). Is it just me that thinks that's a little inappropriate for teenagers?
i think its fine

as long as you dont forfeit the rest of your life at such a young age, such as social or academic and sport
All Teen Vogue Readers Please Help?
I was flipping through the 2010 March edition of Teen Vogue. On page 35, there was an advertisement for EXPRESS featuring models Caroline Trentini and Chanel Iman both wearing skirts and a bikini top at the beach. I am in love with the denim skirt with the floral bottom, I checked the express website and couldn't find it, does anybody have any information as to where I can get it?
It will probably be at Express in March.
Teen/Preteen model sites?
If they show you pictures of teen/preteen girls in bikinis and showing their stomachs[in other clothes], but not necesarrily in suggestive poses, then the site asks for 20 dollars a month to get access to more pictures. Does that automatically mean the sites's catered to pedos?
Yes ofcourse I have nearly 200 such photos and I am a pedophile.Oh little girls in little clothes I just love them

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